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Thread: Scott Rolen Auto FT

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    Scott Rolen Auto FT

    I have a 1999 Bowman's Best Franchise Favorites Scott Rolen AUTO For Trade. It books for $25.

    Looking for a Similar Auto in return or I can possibly sell it via paypal.

    thanks and LMKif interested.
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    would you trade it for a 1998 Vlad Guerrero Donruss Signature Auto BV 25?

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    I just picked up a Vlad auto last night. I would like to get an auto of someone I don't already have...If I don't get another offer I like, I'll LYK as I wouldn't mind having two guerrero autos.

    I'll LYK.

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    TTT.....I'm really looking for newer autos

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    The only autos I saw that I liked were not for trade.

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    Rip: Didn't see anything I would want to trade the Rolen for.

    thanks for the reply though.

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