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    damn, who is Nate Burleson, and what did he do in his rookie year?!?!

    certainly isn't worth the $60

    it's not like Burleson did what Anquan Boldin did!

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    Burleson is a WR for Vikings who got a couple catches all season, but before the season he was hyped up and supposed to be what Boldin is now.

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    If Moss leaves, he could be the main man. That's probably why.

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    baseballcardz - thanks for the info!

    minew --- man, I cannot believe that the Vikings are thinking of trading Moss.

    That's the one receiver who, with 15 years of playing time, could match Jerry Rice records.

    Fortunately, for ardent Rice fans, such as myself, I do not believe Moss has the passion and desire to achieve immortality.

    it takes lots of heart and dedication to play 15+ seasons at top form!

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