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Thread: Autos for Weeks, Young Mauer

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    Autos for Weeks, Young Mauer

    Cris Carter
    Fernando Valenzuela
    Jamie Moyer
    Garret Anderson

    Signed Cards of those players. Any 2 for a Mauer Topps RC, all 4 for a Mauer Bowman Gold RC or Topps Chrome RC or a $10 or above mauer rc or GU.


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    is the cris carter a certified out the pack auto. lmk thanks,

    collecting rookies auto game used of hall of famer or retired players all sports.

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    no, it is an in person auto. do you have any mauer?


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    no1 is going to trade for uncertified auto's nomater how hard you try..well inless sum1 is wack

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    there are plenty of people here who collect uncertified autos. If there is anyone you are looking for an uncertified auto LMK and i'll see if I have it.


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    Can you give some more info about the Valenzuela auto?


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    I actually have a few, but this one is a 1982 1981 Highlights card signed perfectly in blue sharpie. It is a very nice card and signature. I have 3 or 4 more if you want them. Do you have any Mauer. And was pitcher Terry Leach on the 86 Mets? I have a signed postcard of him in a Mets uni.


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