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    2004 Topps Chrome Rocco Baldelli Red X-Fractor for Trade

    I have Baldelli's All American X-Fractor for trade.

    Please see my wants on my site. I also am interested in the 2004 Topps Chrome RC autos.


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    I see two cards I like:
    Donruss Jersey Kings
    Sammy Sosa # JK-2 (white) #d 147/250

    Donruss Timelines Call to the Hall Material
    Nolan Ryan # CH-16 (white)

    But they only book $20 each. The Baldelli books $30.
    Do you have anything else?

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    Patrick, I just traded the Sosa at a card show yesterday & I don't want to trade a Ryan gu for a first year player parallel.

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    No problem. Since it's Baldelli and $30, I can get $25 in trade at my local shop for it.

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    I would have probably traded the Sosa if I still had it. Also, I got the Ryan for 2,075 CC in an auction & it only ended up booking at $20, so I'm probably gonna end up keeping it since I spent so much cc on it.

    I do have a 2003 Finest Boggs gu bat if you need that foryour set, I could trade that & something else.
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