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Thread: Looking for Kerry Wood

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    Looking for Kerry Wood

    Im looking for 2 Kerry Wood non glossy cards. That would be like bowman heritage, fleer tradition, bazooka, and like that. PLMK if you have any. Thanks!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    u r going to send it to ST to get signed right? i always look for non glossy cards for autographs

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    I have these
    03 Tradition
    00 Focus
    02 Vintage
    03 Topps Total
    00 SP Nice for Auto's
    01 Tradition

    Need any just let me know.

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    yeah im sending to ST.

    JLY - 00 SP Nice for Auto's
    02 Vintage
    03 Tradition

    How much cc would you want for those 3 plmk Thanks!

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    Just let me know what sounds fair for you as I really have no idea.

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    still looking for just some non glossy Wood cards. Even one would do.

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