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Thread: 3 card show pickups....

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    3 card show pickups....

    got back from a small card show (the only card show here) and got these beauties:

    04 sweet spot classic duke snider red ink auto #09/10
    02 topps 206 joe mauer auto (RC) - NOT fOR TRADE unless it's an unbelievable offer
    03 bowman's best felix pie auto rc

    don't ask bv on the snider, it's whatever catches my eye since i am a dodgers fan.

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    thanks man, this show's been so terrible, i went back today for the 1st time in over a year. glad i was able to pick up these.

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    A Dodgers fan, huh?

    Need this?

    02 Donruss Elite Throwback Threads Hideo Nomo GU JSY/100 BV $80


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    lol, i am a dodgers fan but i don't specifically collect them. a duke sniker auto #/10 and a regular nomo jersey are slightly off in terms of collectibles. thanks for the offer though.

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    Yeah, you're right - The Nomo is much better ;)

    Nice pickups at your show BTW. Oddly enough, I picked up the same number of cards at my show.

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    ever since you sold me the autographics, i guess we've had some sort of mental connection. lol anyway thanks for the kudos about my pickups....just wait in 2 weeks when i go to the big show in chicago, if all goes as planned my "pickups" will really knock your socks off.....

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    depends which auto you wnt and which gu you have to offer. i got a boatload of gu (as you might have seen in the 3 sports forums) already so it'd be someone i'd need and in my favor.


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