I have a set of 92' Collector's Edge Prototype cards. The printing on the back says "NO PROTO 92". The bottom left on back says first edition. In the upper right hand you see:

1 Prototype Jim Kelly
2 Prototype Randal Cunningham
3 Prototype Warren Moon
4 Prototype John Elway
5 Prototype Dan Marino
6 Prototype Bernie Kosar

Then I have 2 other Rookie Prototype cards from the same year. On the back of these you can faintly see S#006341 and S#017645 respectively. They say rookie update in the diamond on the lower left. In the upper right you see:

R/U1 PROTO Terrell Buckley
R/U2 PROTO Tommy Maddox

My first question is do you know anything about these cards?

Is it a complete set?

What do you think I should ask for them?

In '94 I saw them in a Tuff Stuff valued at $45.00. I can't seem to find them anymore and have no idea of their value.

Any help is much appreciated.