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Thread: What a mail day!!!

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    What a mail day!!!

    I received well over $1,000 in BV of cards in the mail today. About $700 of it is going into my private collection. Here's the breakdown:

    20 Bowman Chrome RC's
    6 GU (two duel)
    9 autos
    40 RC's and inserts
    50 Base

    I also received quite a bit of football cards. If you have any of my wants in my sig and need some football, PLMK. I got a few autos, jerseys, rcs, and even inserts. Thanks

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    Thanks. I was surprised when I came home and found 9 packages and 1 envelope waiting on the table for me!!

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    The Bills are mine and I didn't get any Sabres (dont' really collect hockey).

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    whats your fav bills gu? i won a jim kelly/thruman thomas/andre reed dornus timeless classic triple jersey card of ebay for around $25 i think. Its sick :)

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    My favorite, but not the most expensive, is a Drew Bledsoe/Couch/Griese triple GU #erd to 25 out of the Playoff series. Love that card. I actually forget how much I won it for, lol.

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    1999 Leaf RC's & Stars Dress 4 Success Dual Jersey 035/100 D.Bledsoe/M.Brunell

    Would you have any interest in this? either of you?


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    i wish i could have a mail day like that that is great i hope you have an honest postman
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

    Let us Pray.Hidden Content

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    Vick2Price- I would be interested but I really don't have all that much football for trade. Do you collect other sports?

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