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Thread: Card Grading

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    Card Grading

    how do i get a card graded?
    how much is it?
    and is it a good idea?

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    If you have vintage you should grade if they are in decent conditon. For modern cards, I would only grade if you are absolutely sure that it will get a 9 or 10. Other than that it woudl be a waste of money because it could actually lower the value of the card. There are many grading companies out there. The three main ones are PSA, BGS, and SGC. You can get cards graded through SGC for $5 (20 business days), PSA for $8 (35 business days), and BGS $8 (45 business days).

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    just a little side note, bgs is the most highly recognized graded card today for modern cards. so if you think it will get a good grade it is definately worth it to get it graded by bgs. psa is much better for vintage cards though, so go there if you're getting that card graded. here is the beckett grading service site. then click the grading category at the top of the page.

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    i just went to the grading and the card came out with a total of 3, wats that mean?

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    I think that means its bad and not worth grading.

    What is considered Vintage and Modern? I have a few old Football cards with a few good ones, would this be good to get graded?

    Is SGC worht it... seems to be fast for 5$( 20days)??

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