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Thread: Zito Wantlist

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    Zito Wantlist

    Looking for the following Zito cards:
    1) 2000 cards of him
    2) 2003 Fleer Patchworks patches or Fleer Platinum Nameplates Patches of him
    3) Zito autos
    4) Zito commons (buy for 10 cents each shipped)

  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    I have a 04 Platinum Zito nameplates 2 color patch #ed to 515, have any other Zito GU?

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    so you paying .10 each for the cards i have some to sale but i cant even ship 1 card for .10 its .37 cects to send anything so if you want to deal lmk

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    I would sell you commons, but I don't want to lose 0.27 cents....

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    Myers: Already have that one. Was hoping for one of the Nameplates from earlier years.

    The rest of you guys: LMAO I'm hoping to get more than 1 common at a time. Of course it doesn't make sense to ship me one common. It's much cheaper to ship in bulk.

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