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    i have a card and theres 2 types of it, a parellel one and a normal one, how do i tell the difference?

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    Well, alot of the time parallels have different color borders, are sequently numbered, or the card is a different thickness. If you have more cards from the same set more than likely the paralell will look different than the rest of them while the normal version will look the same.

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    Im pretty sure those are numbered if they are the parallel, out of 100 I believe, and I think they have a rainbow/refractor type surface distinguishable from the regular silverish look

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    I was wrong, the only parallel for 03/04 victory is a gold parallel which has a gold border and is #/100, look at that link to see exactly what it looks like, base rookies have silver foil, parallel #/100 has gold foil and is serial numbered to 100 on the back.


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