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Thread: Error Cards?

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    Error Cards?

    Is there an interest in Error Cards? I have a few Error cards in my collection and i was wondering if there is a demand for them?

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    If you have the billy ripken FF id be intrested......

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    I know i have the Billy Ripken F-off one, i just need to find it. I have a huge collection, but i know i have that one. Other Error Cards i have are:::

    All Fleer 1989's

    Neil Allen- Has Billy Face, not his face
    Mike Heath Has Tom Brookins Face
    Tom Brookins Has Mike Heath's Face

    Dave Clark, say's he's a rookie, not a rookie.

    I have more, i just need to find them.

    If your interested in the F-off card, pm me, and ill find it for you.

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