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Thread: Advice to SCF admin:

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    Advice to SCF admin:

    I would upgrade your pb forums to invision board or phpbb. There are scripts to convert to these to the new ones but i thought i would let you know.


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    NO WAY!

    vBulletin is by far better! It has a much more extensive backend. Hence you have to pay for it vs. a free board.

    p.s. I really don't need you advertising another board here. I've spent way too much time and money to allow free advertising for a copycat forum.

    SCF Founder
    BIG Props to everyone at SCF as you chase 14 Million posts!

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    BGray - Thanks for banning him, he's pulled this stuff on other boards!


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    I have some advice...Can you put the links on the bottom too? That might sounds confusing...
    Sports Card Forum > SportsCard Forum > General SportsCard Talk is on could they be also placed at the bottom of a thread...It's a lot better than having to scroll up after reading to relocate. It's good for the lazy message board people like me...If that's not much trouble that would be a good thing to do...

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