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    In Thread - polls, quotes and pictures

    Tutorial: In thread tools: poll, quote and pictures

    First things first, to create a new thread; you need to go to the forum of your choice and click on the new thread button which is quite easy.

    In the following screen however, there are many useful tools which are not always used. For instance, it is possible to add pictures in your threads. To do so, copy the IMG code of the picture you wish to use from your photobucket

    Once you have copied it, you simply need to paste it in your thread for the image to be inserted. The pasted link should look like this:

    Warning: This can only be done in forums where the IMG code is on. To know whether the IMG code is on or not scroll down to the bottom of the screen and look at the posting rules in the bottom left corner

    You can also attach images to your post by using the attachment button. However, this method will only show the picture as a thumbnail which will be magnified when clicked on.

    To add an attachment click on the attachment button next to the smiley button.You will then be taken to the following screen where you will need to upload the attachment from your computer of from an internet link. Please note that in the window below, the size limit for each type of file is also indicated. To upload either click on browse and add the file once you’ve found it on your computer or copy and paste the URL needed before clicking on upload button in the method you have used.

    Sometimes, it can also be interesting to add a poll to your thread if you want to get the opinion of other members. To do so, scroll down on the post new thread screen to the additional options field; tick “yes, post a poll with this thread” and indicate in the box below the tick how many options you want to give voters before clicking “Submit New Thread”

    You will then be taken to the post a poll screen where you will have a number of fields to indicate the different options the voters can pick. A bit lower on the screen you can also modify various options such as how long the poll will be opened for, if voters can vote more than once or if you want the votes to be made public (useful when you are asking people to predict the outcome of something).

    If you followed the steps correctly, the finished product should look like this:

    Once the thread is started, it should hopefully generate plenty of discussion. If you want to reply to the statements made by someone or by many people, you can do so by quoting them. To quote a single person, click on the “quote” button in their post, to quote multiple people click on the “”+” button of the post of the people you want to quote and then the “quote” button of the last person you are quoting.

    You will then access the reply to thread page and be able to insert your replies to their quotes.

    Your reply post will then look like this

    I hope this helps you make good use of the thread tools. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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    i have always been trying to figure out how to add a picture in a thread.i guess i'm a total idiot but i can find the img code.can anyone help me out thanks in me

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    interesting... lol thanks for this informative tutorial.

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    Despites all the indications I still can't put the actual picture in my thread, I used to be able but I can't do it anymore

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    Is there a way to paste pictures in a thread without a photobucket. I have a lot of really nice cards, but I can only attach one or if I condense 2 pics in all of my posts total which is really affecting my ability to trade and sell. Any advice would basically solve the one issue I have always had with this site, and would make me incredibly happy. Thanks in advance for any help. J.

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    can anyone help me?please pm me if you can

    Quote Originally Posted by shcards View Post
    i have always been trying to figure out how to add a picture in a thread.i guess i'm a total idiot but i can find the img code.can anyone help me out thanks in me

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    I have written and asked about this problem as well, but it seems as if no one wants to help out....

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    Can you show me how to put a photobucket link in my threads?

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    I cannot attach pictures to my post. the manage my attachments windows says that I have a current attachment of x amount of space in red. what attachment is it talking about? there are some pictures that people have attached in the very same thread that are way bigger in bytes than mine. any help would be great. thanks
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    How do you turn IMG code on?

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