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Thread: It's Official!

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    Talking It's Official!

    Jeff Garcia signed with the Browns for a 2 years $8 million. That means bye bye Couch you won't be missed! (except for sarah and dwain)


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    Talking bye couch

    you know you will miss tim couch lol

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    Re: bye couch

    Originally posted by ken77
    you know you will miss tim couch lol
    Yeah right dude he sucks, plus im mad of how much we paid him to sit last year and now he cries cause we gave him a pay cut?!?! He's lucky we didnt cut him before.........

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    Be nice

    Your not getting much of an upgrade ask terrel Owens he'll tell you.

    Im from ohio no browns fan but they need alot of help signing Garica isn't going to do much but i could be wrong we'll see


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    Re: Be nice

    I never said anything about winning although I have a good feeling. Most of my happiness is getting Couch out of there.

    Originally posted by ken77
    Your not getting much of an upgrade ask terrel Owens he'll tell you.

    Im from ohio no browns fan but they need alot of help signing Garica isn't going to do much but i could be wrong we'll see


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    THIS IS SUCH %(*@%yu)(@%u@ BULL****!!!!!!!!!!!! God just because he isn't attached to Butch's @$$ like everyone else on the team he gets thrown out just like KJ.So yeah lets keep Kelly Holcomb who doesnt know his @$$ from a hole in the ground,lets do that right!!!! Oh yeah Jeff Garcia is such an upgrade,someone twice his age that's been arrested for a DUI whoop de flipping doo!!!!! This is such total BS.Yeah let's make him take a 58% pay cut and if he doesn't his @$$ is outta here,and dont tell me that's not what happened because it flipping IS.Whichever team he goes to,if we play them i hope we get killed.Power hungry Butch is at it again,total BS...this all I have to say...and to everyone that wanted Couch gone I say this *flips up middle finger* and I hope you're all flippin happy which I know you are.I'm still going to be a Couch fan though so technically I don't really care,the Browns are getting run into the ground - surprise surprise surprise.Good thing baseball season is starting soon because I don't have much else to look forward to sports wise 'round here. *watches steam rise from ears* And yes I AM pissed off.

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    There is a smart person allstar004 see's the truth. I commend you for an honest post

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    Sarah, I have been on for 2 hours looking at all the damn posts and i can tell you that the feelings on the board are as always very mixed!!!

    I think we both agree Couch will win with a good oline - Which is why Coach Bill Parcells and Dallas are willing to give there 2nd round draft pick for him.... Thats the big buzz on Couch right now...
    I have never been a big Dallas fan but like yourself im a Couch fan untill the end!!!

    If Couch is let go the Steelers/Ravens/Chargers all have interest in possably picking him up = That makes for some great drama huh browns fans....

    Reports are also building that the browns could trade W. Green and #7 pick for the Raiders #2 pick = Browns will draft OT Gallery witch is the best OL in the draft...

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    Dwain - the Browns won't draft Gallery,trust me.Wanna know why? Because he didn't play for Miami.Simple as that.As far as trading W.Green goes,I say give Suggs a chance as starter.He deserves it.I don't even wanna go to the Browns site,I'd end up getting banned for the things I want to say to the people on there,lol.

    edit: i just read this on the Garcia thread on the Browns MB...excuse me while I go somewhere and scream...

    "Butch said the "stars never really aligned" to allow Tim to succeed. "

    NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T EVEN GIVE ME THAT BULL****!!!!!!!!!!! YOU kept him on a short leash,YOU benched him in favor of the One Hit Wonder Kelly Holcomb,YOU put this all on yourself because he wasn't in your little GROUP of @$$ kissers that would bow down and worship you.YOU are a power flipping hungry @$$hole that needs a good swift kick in the @$$ and a reality check!!!!!! Of ALL the lame BS excuses I HAVE EVER heard this is the stupidest!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!

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