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Thread: USA jersey?

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    USA jersey?

    i bought the '03 USA baseball set 3 autos with the set....michael griffin, brent lillibridge, and a auto/jersey of michael griffin (how unlucky to get the same auto on two different cards) anyway, i was talking to some peopel that needed the cards from this set yesterday...lmk what ya need....everything is for trade

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    Really need the Lillibridge!! I also like the Griffin. Are the autos in red or blue? Please check out my tradelist and let me know what you are looking for.


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    mainly looking for jeff clement autos...(thats why i bought this box hoping to get that auto! not the other 3!) or a nice rickie weeks card i don't have

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    Wish I had an AUTO but I do have an extra 2003 Finite Stars and Stripes Jersey of Jeff Clement that I can trade. As far as Weeks, I do have an extra Fleer Authentix RC #/1000 but I don't know if you would categorize that as nice or not. Also have an extra Rickie Weeks Bowman Heritage RC.
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    not really big on trading autos for regular the clement you have a jersey card or anything?

    edit sorry for being stupid....i just reread your post! it is a jersey! my bad
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    i might do the clement and the weeks you have for one of the autos.....lmk bv's

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