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Thread: Game Used Cards Auction!

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    Game Used Cards Auction!

    Make a bid today! You can buy all 4 for 1400 CC or you can bid on them. I charge 50 CC for shipping in a regular envolope or 100 CC for shipping in a bubble mailer.

    1) Jose Vidro Topps All-Start Stitches (Black Jersey)

    2) Kevin Brown Fleer Legacy (Blue Jersey)

    3) Roy Oswalt Flair Diamond Cuts (Red Jersey)

    4) Tood Helton Topps Fusion (Note: This card has either texture to it, or it is a scratch? I can't tell?) (Two colored Purple and White Jersey Card)

    All are starting at 75 CC so bid now!

    End time: March 17th, 3:00 PM Arizona Time. If someone bids at exactly 3:00, the bid counts.

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    Just a little tip, you need to check other peoples auctions. Most include shipping in the winning bid or I've seen 25 CC max for a bubble envelope. I don't think too many people will bid with the terms you have.

    WHOOPS....Looks you you just got banned.

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