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Thread: Autos/Gu/Numberd for sell

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    Autos/Gu/Numberd for sell

    Chris B 03-04 Finite auto
    Nene- 03-04 spx winning materials auto/gu /100
    Dahntay J. Flair Gold auto /25
    Vincent Y. 02-03 Topps Photo Shoot auto /56

    Game Used
    Terell Brandon Triple overtime Trio Game Used /50
    Lebron James floor LB10
    Lebron James floor LB6

    03-04 Pristine
    Nick C.
    leandro B.
    Ndudi E.
    Maciej L.
    Boris D.
    Chris B.
    Dwayne W.
    Brian C. /999
    Leandro B. /999
    Zarko C. /999
    Dwyane W. /999
    Josh H. /499

    Please make offers, thanks.
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    Danty J. Flair Gold auto /25.... is this Dahntay Jones?

    I also saw your nice and was wondering if you collected Lebron cards. I picked up a nice $80 Lebron RC if you need it. PLMK

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    Yeah, that's Dahntay Jones. I'm only looking for Lebron autos and game used...thanks

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    Don't have any game used or autos of him. How much would you sell the Dahntay?

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    i may as well ask.
    ive got the lebron hardcourt floor #LB-F (the real one) BV$60
    i could use the bosh

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