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Thread: Get Your Star Inserts Here!

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    Get Your Star Inserts Here!

    Hello, all of these cards are for sale really cheap. Check the book values if you want. The price i have listed is the price i want for the card. Shipping is $1 extra or a SASE. Now, on with the cards.

    * = Pending (cards are only pended for a maximum of 3 days)

    Alex Rodriguez 1998 Pinnacle Plus "Piece of the Game" #3--$3
    Bob Feller 2003 Flair Greats #38--25 cents
    Chipper Jones 1998 Pinnacle "Goin' Jake" Museum Coll. #PP97--$2
    Chipper Jones 2001 Upper Deck "Home Run Explosion" #HR2-$1.00
    Chipper Jones 2003 Stadium Club "Beam Team" #BT12--$1.00
    Dale Murphy 2004 Donruss Diamond Kings "Heritage Collection" #HC-1--$1.50
    David Justice 2002 Upper Deck Ovation Silver #2--25 cents
    Derek Jeter 1999 Pacific "Dynagon Diamond" #4--$3.00
    Dontrelle Willis 2003 Bowman Heritage Signature #110--$1.00
    Felix Pie 2003 Bowman Heritage #182 RC--$1.50
    Gary Sheffield 1998 Revolution "Foul Pole" #17--$2.00
    Gaylord Perry 2003 Flair Greats #43--25 cents
    Greg Maddux 2002 Fleer EX "Behind the Numbers" #27BN--$2.00
    Ichiro Suzuki 2002 Fleer Ultra "Rising Stars" #1RS--$3.00
    Ichiro Suzuki 2003 Fleer Double Header #241/242 (Nomo)--50 cents
    Ivan Rodriguez 2000 Black Diamond Rookie Edition "Diamonation" #D9-$1.00
    Jackie Robinson 2002 Topps Chrome "52 WS Heroes" #52R-10--$3.00
    Jim Rice 2001 Fleer Red Sox 100th "Splendid Splinters" #SS8--$1.00
    Johnny Bench 2003 Flair Greats "Classic Numbers" #6CN--$1.00
    Ken Griffey Jr. 2000 Fleer Gamers "Fame Game" #114--$1.50
    Ken Griffey Jr. 2001 Fleer Platinum "Rookie Reprints-89 Fleer" #10--$3
    Leroy "Satchel" Paige 2001 Topps "What Could Have Been" #WCB2--$1.50
    Lou Brock 2003 Flair Greats #39--25 cents
    Mark McGwire 1998 Revolution #118--75 cents
    Mark McGwire 1999 Private Stock "Home Run History #67" #7--$3.00
    Mark McGwire 2000 Black Diamond Rookie Edition "Diamond Gallery" #G6--$1.50
    Mark McGwire 2000 Fleer Showcase "Final Answer" #10FA--$3.00
    Mark McGwire 2002 Upper Deck Ovation Silver #115--$3.00
    Mike Piazza 1999 Pacific "Dynagon Diamond" #16--$1.00
    Mike Piazza 2000 Fleer Showcase "Final Answer" #8FA--$1.00 (HAVE 2)
    Mike Piazza 2001 UD Reserve "Royalty" #R6--$1.00
    Nolan Ryan 1999 Topps Opening Day #21--$1.00
    Nolan Ryan 2002 Upper Deck WS Heroes #51--50 cents
    Randy Johnson 2000 Black Diamond Rookie Edition "Diamonation" #D6-$1.00
    Roberto Alomar 2002 Upper Deck Ovation Silver #52--25 cents
    Ted Williams/Tony Gwynn 2001 Topps Combos "Sweetness" #TC15--$2.00
    Walter "Buck" Leonard 2001 Topps "What Could Have Been" #WCB3--$1.00

    Help me get rid of these...


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    Dan, why didn't you return my e-mail that I sent you a couple days ago????

    I don't appreciate you mailing those cards I bought from you without any form of couldn't even put them in a penny sleeve.........because of that a few of them arrived with burred corners.

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    astros--ill look through my emails..i have 2 other people that use my account

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