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    Cool Selling Off Most Of My Collection

    Well... simply put, I got way too much stuff. You should see all the cards covering my computer desk. I see a little piece of brown desktop here and there but it's sparse.

    I'm selling mostly everything on my site. The only cards I'm leaving off limits are :

    Sweet Spot Leftwich Auto
    SPX Rudi Johnson Jersey/Auto
    Sp Signature Boldin Auto
    Portis Stuff
    Prior Stuff

    I got to keep my collecting wants to particular players now so the rest must go. I'm not having a fire sale but not looking for Beckett pirces either.

    Take a look at my site :

    See if you like anything. If you do, make me an offer. I prefer PayPal (non-cc) but will take cash/check/money order also.


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    how much for your UD Graded McAllister Auto, Leaf Rookies and Stars Tomlinson Auto and Contenders Domanick Davis Auto. Give me individual prices and as a group.

    thanks Clay
    pm me with the prices...

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    I really need to update my site but haven't had a chance in a while...

    The Tomlinson I sold on ebay for $100 (listed it and someone offered me $100 to close it).

    The Domanick Davis auto was traded in a deal + cash for an 02 Clinton Portis Contenders auto.

    I still have the UD Graded McAllister and I'm asking for around $50 range... but I'm not stuck on that figure. I'm always open to hagglers

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