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    anyone wanna make some trades today, lmk...i'm at work and very bored!

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    i like your mickey lolich jsy, i have these game used to trade:

    03 ud superstar slam juan gonzalez jsy bv$10
    03 stadium club born in usa jsy aj burnett bv$10
    03 upper deck nl all-star swatches mike hampton jsy bv$8
    02 upper deck diamond connection bat #337/775 bobby abreu bv$10
    02 upper deck diamond connection bat #631/775 jose vidro bv$10
    02 upper deck diamond connection jsy #641/775 carlos beltran bv$10
    02 ovation lead performers jsy juan gonzalez bv$15
    what bv do you want for it? i'm very interested


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    i think it books for $15, i am not really looking for any of those players...have any others?

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    i think its 04 not 03 and it books at $10. who are you looking for? i have many, i'll trade in your favor a little bit

    thanks Jeff

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    yeah it is the '04, sorry about the bv i'm at work and probably shouldn't have the beckett here! anyway, i 'm mainly looking for rickie weeks, delmon young, michael vick, pujols, just about anyone really....i'm not to picky!!

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    lol, no problem, how bout these:
    02 fleer tradition update new yorks finest jsy alfonso soriano bv$15
    02 fleer premium diamond stars jsy mike piazza bv$15
    02 donruss originals hit list total bases bat chipper jones #169/359 bv$15
    02 donruss originals hit list total bases bat rickey henderson #47/285 bv$25

    any of these? are you looking for only game used? i have some inserts of pujols i can give you about $15 worth lmk


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    sorry joedirt i have that one!

    jtgolf - i like the soriano.....what other gu do you have? anything else you needed from my list? maybe we could make a bigger trade

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    i like the prior focus, donruss bonds rc, jeter ud and topps, bonds patch, willingham auto/jsy, boldin bowman rc

    total book on that should be $119

    i have a 2002 fleer triple crown season crowns triple swatch of ichiro(gu'd base) giambi(gu'd jsy) and ivan rodriguez(gu'd jsy) numbered 24/100 bv $120

    i'll trade you all the cards i listed plus the lolich for the triple swatch and the soriano lmk


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    thats a nice card but i don't really collect any of those players! thanks for the offer though....

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