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    Questions on the Value of these 93 Mc D's Gameday cards

    I finally went through my old cards and stuff and found the following. Just looking to know if any are of value. I have thses Mc Donald's Limited edition 1993 Gameday Collector Cards. They are still together as sheets (not separated into cards) and in mint condition. I have sheets 1-3 of the Bills, Cowboys, 49ers, and a combo of players (Deion, Elway, Aikman, Thurman, Sanders, etc). I have attached a picture if anyone needs to see what I am talking about.

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    I have those GameDay cards! The local McDonalds put Giants and Jets in them because I live in NJ. I still have them!


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    Sheet A: Watters, Carter, Griffin, Hall, Jones, Barton
    Sheet B: Rathman, Rice, Romanowski, Taylor, Wallace, Walter
    Sheet C: Fagan, Kelly, Mc Intyre, Mc Donald, Young, Stubblefield

    There is also another Rice on a sheet with multiple players.

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    I'd be interested to see what the Rice cards are worth on this uncut sheet?

    You interested in selling them?

    Of course, we'd both like to kow the value first, lolol

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    I wouldnt mind selling/trading some as soon as I find out thier value. I just dont know where to begin to look. I collect NFL Sports Picks if you wanted to trade, btw. Thanks,


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    Joe, I never heard of NFL sports pick

    but I hope someone can figure out the prices of these sheets

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    The Sports Picks are the football figures put out by Mc Farlane. Kind of like starting line ups but a little bigger and much, much more detailed. Check them out by clicking on the link:

    I will let you know if I find anything out. Thanks,


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