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Thread: Have PayPal $$ to spend....

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    Have PayPal $$ to spend....

    I am looking for Game Used and Autos ONLY......

    Players I like:
    just about anyone

    Sets I'm working:
    2003 Playoff Contenders Autos

    Make me some offers guys/gals, thanks.

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    Hey Ryan, just wanted to let you know that your cards were sent this morning. Thanks again. Please let me know via PM when they are received.

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    Originally posted by leftyshan
    Check my site and LMK. Thanks.
    How much for this:

    03 Playoff Honors Jersey-Football Tandems #JFT-9 56/75

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    hey buddy ole pal.. I know we didnt get anything worked out but Grant just told me that you bought the sp sig BLUE auto from him. I didnt realize from the old post of who brought this in that it was a blue auto.. I assumed it was the black. I dont recall if there was anything needed from my webpage but i thought there was. I would go 20-25 on it since its an auto at 15

    LMK plz as now im on a hunt for this card


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    prophet I could use:

    2003 Playoff Contenders Brooks Bollinger---#516/974


    2003 Playoff Honors Rookie Gems Jersey Terrell Suggs---#476/700--BV $12 and some $$

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