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Thread: Looking for T Suggs

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    Looking for T Suggs

    I'm Looking for any T Suggs serial#/rc/GU/auto cards.

    I will trade or buy for cc?

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    Hi I have this card
    2003 UPPER DECK HONOR ROLL TERRELL SUGGS #140 ( 37/200) SILVER $20.00
    LMK Ray

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    looking to sell 2003 topps rookie
    2003 Upper Deck rookie premier #rp-29

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    got his Finite auto...looking for Portis...

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    raym- the bv is $12 on becket. I'll give ya 150cc for it. lmk if that seems fair.

    troyer16- how much for both t suggs and shockey?

    portisfan26 - I have a portis rc card, no autos. Not worth as much as Finite auto, I know. I would give ya more than that.

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    portisfan26 - will ya sell it for cc? I can do portis rc and cc for it?

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    nah bro...i have the fleer portis rc and i cant sell an auto of the defensive ROY for cc. im sure you understand...just lmk if you get any portis stuff in or any Bears autos...

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    $4.25 shipped for all three rc's, 2 terrel suggs and jeremy shockey

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    troyer16. I rather not pay cash for those cards. I'll trade or buy for cc.

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    portisfan26 - thanks for post anyway. I let know ya if I come across anything.

    Lmk, if you ever want to trade it for some GU cards or some rcs.

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