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Thread: Some Autos For Sale Or Trade

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    Some Autos For Sale Or Trade

    These are all regualr cards that I got autographed by players, none are certified.

    1998 Topps Garret Anderson #20
    1999 Topps Luis Gonzalez
    1999 Topps Kerry Wood #446
    1999 Topps Derrick Brooks #295
    2000 Upper Deck MVP Curtis Martin #116
    2000 Upper Deck Michael Pittman #2

    I will sell or trade for
    Cole Hamels
    Alex Rodriguez
    Gary Sheffield

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    I like the Wood auto, how much you looking for BV in trade for it

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    Hey I have some arod and Sheff gameused, check my site to see if you are interested, like wood and gonzlaez

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    Make a offer of around how much BV you would trade for any cards you want.
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