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    I'm looking to sell this stuff, I have no room or need for any of it.
    I prefer paypal but will take M.O. aswell, thanks. PLMK
    I also have pics of almost all of this stuff on my web site.

    Cal Ripken Donruss Class of 2001 Bobble Head & card serial# 1332/2000

    Mark Mcgwire 2000 Fanatics 500th Homerun talking card & standup.

    Derek Jeter Mini Playmaker Bobble Head x 2

    Sammy Sosa 2000 Fanatics 300th Homerun talking card & standup.

    Alex Rodriguez 1999 Pro-Talk Series 2 40-40 Club ,talking card & standup.

    Alex Rodriguez Fleer Team Collectible Die Cast PT Cruiser with card.

    Ken Griffey JR. 2000 Power Deck CD

    Ken Griffey JR. 1998 Pro-Talk Series 1 Opening Day Homerun talking card & standup.

    Ken Griffey JR. 1998 Pro-Talk Series 1Amazing Catch talking card & standup.

    Ken Griffey JR. 1999 Pro-Talk Series 2 Amazing Catch talking card & standup.

    Ken Griffey JR. 2000 Fanatics Grand Salami Time talking card & standup.

    Donruss Preferred Tins- Derek Jeter, Mike Piazza,Frank Thomas, Greg Maddux,Gary Sheffield.

    1998 Pinnacle Team Snapshots / 8 pictures per pack- New york Yankees, Chicago Cubs,

    Colorado Rockies, St. Louis Cardinals, Texas Rangers, Boston Redsox,

    Arizona Diamond Backs.

    Wheaties Mini Cereal Box - Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mark Mcgwire

    Anaheim Angels Pinnacle 3D Sport Block / Nine images in one block.

    Topps Heads Up Stars Pin Up- Jerome Walton / Cubs and Kevin Mitchell / Giants.

    1994 Pinnacle (The Naturals) 25 card Set / 100,000 made and this is #26.

    Players included are- F.Thomas, B. Bonds,K.Griffey JR. , J. Gonzalez, D.Justice, A.Belle,

    K.Lofton, R.Alomar, T.Salmon, R.Johnson, K.Puckett, T.Gwynn, F.Mcgriff,R.Sandberg,

    G.Maddux, M.Williams, L.Dykstra, G.Sheffield, M.Piazza, D.Palmer, T.Fryman, C.Baerga,

    C.Ripken, J.Olerud, R.Clemens.

    1997 Zenith 8 X 10 (DUFEX INSERT)- #10 Sammy Sosa,
    #18 Hideo Nomo,#20 Hideki Irabu
    (BASE) - # 17 Derek Jeter,
    #14 Chipper Jones,# 3 Jeff Bagwell.

    1997 Donruss Studio 8 X 10 # 22 Gary Sheffield

    1998 Donruss Studio 8 X 10 #'s 3 Ben Grieve, # 4 Paul Konerko, # 29 Andy Pettitte, # 32 Darin Erstad.

    1999 Just Figures - Gabe Kapler (Suns) / Michael Barrett (Senators)

    1988/89 Donruss Framed Puzzles- R.Clemente, S.Musial, W.Spahn

    NFL Mini Helmets - Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens, Oakland Raiders, New York Giants,

    Greenbay Packers, Denver Broncos, Washington Redskins,

    Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Rams, Jacksonville Jaguars.

    NFL 3D Aircrafts - New York Giants, New England Patriots, The Jets.
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