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Thread: Graded Basketball RC MINT 9BGS

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    Graded Basketball RC MINT 9BGS

    Hey all
    I deal with mostly hockey cards. Somewhere along the way I picked up this card:
    2001 Fleer Authority #116 Przybilla /1250 BGS9

    Looking to sell it for best off or trade it for Joni Pitkanen(hockey)

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    I have a hockey jersey card, I forget the year/brand/player, Im pretty sure its not a superstar at all but its still a jersey, I dont deal with hockey at all so lmk if your interested..

    I also dont even know who przybilla is lol!


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    I can take CC, depending how much.

    Please find out the specifics of the hockey card if possible.

    Any ideas on the BV on this¿

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