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  2. SCC Black Friday 2017
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    while that is a nice pick up as it books for a measley 30 bucks, you would think it should be more, like I pulled a double jersey threads from that product of priest holmes/larry johnson BV 15, I about threw up when I saw how little it was worth.


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    i know man, what the hell.. i won a dual warner/holt jersey card same product, #'d to 350.. i won it for $3.00, thought it was a huge steal.. check the book.. books for $12.00 .... :(

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    I know how you guys feel to! I bought a pack of 2003 playoff honors and pulled this quad jersey: Brian St. Pierre/Seneca Wallace/Rex Grossman/Taylor Jacobs 2003 Playoff Honors "Rookie Premiere Jersey Quads" #137/250...

    I was soooo pumped up!

    So I get home and look it up and its worth $15

    O well, I was still really happy because it was the 1st quad GU card that I had ever pulled!


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    an awesome card regardless of what it is worth add up vick and mcnabbs numbers and they are number 12 ,that,s one good thing about it take care spuds
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    Great win, wish I would have seen that auction.

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