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Thread: ** SCF Pack Sell - Football **

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    Post ** SCF Pack Sell - Football **

    If you are viewing this thread for the first time and have not yet read the announcement made, please read that first :

    The first football box we will be doing is 2003 Playoff Contenders. 24 packs per box and each pack contains 5 cards. Each box contains on average 4 auto's per box and most I've seen have 5. The box also includes several inserts. Packs will be $5 shipped.

    Since the box only has 24 packs, I'm going to limit these to 2 per user. If the response for these packs isn't all that good, I'll open it up to more than 2 pack per person.

    Payment :

    PayPal (non-cc) to :
    Cash/Check/Money Order to :

    Matt Ignacic
    23 Edith Place
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213

    If you want to purchase a pack, you MUST PM me beforehand. I don't want to end up with 6 people sending me money when there's only 4 packs available. Packs will go in a first come, first serve basis so if you want a pack, don't delay.

    PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR SCF NAME WITH YOUR PAYMENT! I want to make sure I'm only sending out packs to people who confirmed. I'd hate to send out a pack to an unconfirmed person while someone I confirmed is left out.

    Availability (0/24 packs still available) :

    Pack #1 - texans082000 ~ sent
    Pack #2 - Playmaker ~ sent
    Pack #3 - LoSt_SoUl ~ sent
    Pack #4 - mookigremlin ~ sent
    Pack #5 - mookigremlin ~ sent
    Pack #6 - leftyshan ~ sent
    Pack #7 - cwh25 ~ sent
    Pack #8 - texans082000 ~ sent
    Pack #9 - claybate ~ sent
    Pack #10 - neil07carrier ~ sent
    Pack #11 - akoch ~ sent
    Pack #12 - LoSt_SoUl ~ sent
    Pack #13 - enigma_shadow ~ sent
    Pack #14 - cwh25 ~ sent
    Pack #15 - jacbbp ~ sent
    Pack #16 - ufgator12279 ~ sent
    Pack #17 - pr0phet ~ sent
    Pack #18 - claybate ~ sent
    Pack #19 - cardbuyer66 ~ sent
    Pack #20 - ufgator12279 ~ sent
    Pack #21 - Playmaker ~ sent
    Pack #22 -
    Pack #23 - thegunzz ~ sent
    Pack #24 - enigma_shadow ~ sent

    Reserved packs that I'm waiting for payment on :
    Ichiro51Mariners (1)

    List any questions you may have and I'll get back to you ASAP. This box is NOT inhand yet but I will have one within the week. I'm guaranteed to lose money on this box at $5 a pack so I'm fishing to get the best deal possible.



    Pack #2

    Round Number Auto:
    RN4 W.McGahee/L.Johnson

    Pack #3

    Base Cards:

    Pack #4

    Base Cards:
    #11 Laveranues Coles
    #35 Marshall Faulk
    #65 Jamal Lewis
    #88 Keyshawn Johnson

    Rookie of the Year:
    #ROY-5 Dewayne Robertson

    Pack #5

    Base Cards:
    #18 Jay Fiedler
    #31 Shaun Alexander
    #44 Trent Green
    #92 Peyton Manning

    Rookie Ticket Auto:
    #181 Billy McMullen 148/899

    Pack #6

    Base Cards:
    Drew Bledsoe
    Michael Strahan
    T.J. Duckett
    Jerry Porter
    Torry Holt

    Pack #9

    Base Cards:
    All base cards

    Pack #10

    Base Cards:
    Ahman Green
    Santana Moss
    Eddie George
    Julius Peppers
    Fred Taylor

    Pack #11

    Base Cards:
    Rod Garner
    David Carr
    Daunte Culpeper
    Clinton Portis

    Rookie Season Tickets Auto:
    Kevin Williams #85/764

    Pack #12

    Base Cards:

    Pack #13

    Base Cards:
    Terrell Owens
    Tony Gonzalez
    Michael Bennett
    Jimmy Smith
    Legendary Contenders Roger Staubach

    Pack #15

    Base Cards:
    Priest Holmes
    Hines Ward
    Edgerrin James
    Ray Lewis

    Pack #16

    Base Cards:
    Mark Brunell
    Josh Reed
    Jeremy Shockey
    Dree Brees

    Playoff Ticket (not auto'd):
    Tony Gonzalez Playoff Ticket 012/150

    Pack #17

    Base Cards:
    Donald Driver
    Duce Staley
    Tom Brady
    Tim Couch

    Rookie Ticket Auto:
    Zuriel Smith Rookie Auto #513/989

    Pack #18

    Base Cards:
    All base cards

    Pack #19

    Base Cards:
    rod smith
    Eric Moulds
    Patrick Ramsey
    Todd Pinkston
    Chris Chambers

    Pack #20

    Base Cards:
    Marvin Harrison
    Curtis Martin
    Tim Brown
    Charles Woodson
    Stephen Davis

    Pack #21

    Base Cards:
    All base cards

    Pack #23

    Base Cards:
    Joey Harrington #57
    Antwaan Randle El #75
    Troy Brown #23
    Quincy Morgan #71

    Rookie Ticket Auto:
    Rein Long #122 121/849 Auto

    Pack #24

    Base Cards:
    Roy Williams
    Koren Robinson
    Corey Dillon
    Tommy Maddox
    Donte Stallworth

  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    ill take i choose the numbers now or when u get the payment....if now ill take numbers:
    ill send out tuesday or wedsday...lmk

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    Im not sure, but I think you can only buy 2, and I think you that you send the money with the #'s you want and then he will see which ones are still available when he recieves you money


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    payment is going out today Iggy.. thnx again on this excellent idea


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    I will take #'s 9 and 18.

    I will pay via paypal if you send pay pal info. Could you put a piece of card board on both sides of the packs to reduce damage.

    Pm and let me know


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    All the information you need to get packs are in the above thread starting post & the link that takes you to the announcement thread where all rules are stated.

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    Heyas Iggy and tiss a cool concept. As you can tell I am just now reading about this. hehe. Been busy and all you know. hehe. Welp I will try it out also and will have a PayPal payment to ya soon. Thanks again and hope things go well with this. :)


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    Okay, I bought a box today. I found a listing on ebay for $120 with free shipping so I took it.

    The box will be coming from Portland though so I probably won't get it till late next week. I'm shooting right now to get packs out next Thursday... hopefully sooner depending on when the box gets to me.

    I want to sell off these remianing 3 packs so if anyone else wants packs, tell me now! I don't want the pack breaks to come rolling in, someone sees that only 1 auto was found so far in the box, and then wants to buy the packs because they'll probably have auto's. Also on the other hand, I don't want someone to see that 5 auto's have already been pulled so they don't want to buy the last 3 packs thinking they won't have anything in them.

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