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    Talk about ridiculous increase in BVS

    Wanna talk crazy? Talk about the impact Quentin Griffin has had on this hobby. For example, last beckett his Contenders Auto RC was booking at 40...This month, 80! Are you kidding me?

    Bowman Chrome---Last month $25....This Month $40

    Also, another card that really gained some value was Anquan Boldin Playoff Contenders RC....Last Month $80...this month $120.

    If you have any of these cards, be glad you got em cheap. I just wanted to share what I found out today.

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    Cool, I got a couple of Boldins that I have been holding on to. Thanks for the info!

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    Not a problem, just thought i'd share. Was also happy to see that my 02 Playoff Contenders Clinton Portis RC went up from 275 to 350. Pretty exciting stuff!

    Im kicking myself in the butt for selling the griffin and boldin contenders though!

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    you win some you lose some though grant.. Thats all i got to say..

    thnx for the updates. I am getting next months issue so i got something to look foward to


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