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Thread: Looking for Barbosa

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    Looking for Barbosa

    All I have is a 4 in 1 Bazooka sticker of him so I need everything else.......



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    got a Regular bazooka RC of him I have a jersey card but just sold it on E-Bay so if they guy doesnt send payment I will let you know

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    Gold Bowman

    I have a Bowman Gold Leandro Barbosa, and a MVP RC.

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    I've got a Topps RC that i'll sell for $1, or will trade for stuff in my sig.

    Thanks, and LMK.

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    Bowman Signature Edition Foil /125 (not auto) BV$12.50
    Honor Roll /1999 BV$6

    sell both for $6 dlvd

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    I have topps chrome rc and Bazooka "Beginnings" gu jersy.

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    EX Essential Credentials #d/80, Focus RC #d/499 and Flair Gold Row 1 #d/100.

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