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Thread: Box Breaks...Nice stuff

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    Box Breaks...Nice stuff

    First box opened fleer hot prospects. Here's the goods

    Chris Simms Jersey RC /750

    Keyshawn Johnson/Drew Bledsoe Sweet Selections Dual jerseys /325

    Edgerrin James/Ladainian Tomlinson Hot Tandems Dual Jerseys /100

    Bennie Joppru Certified Cuts auto redemption

    Overall, not too shabby of a box, the Tomlinson is nice!

    2nd box opened...Leaf R&S

    Terrell Suggs/Dewayne Robertson Dual Jersey card /400

    Jeff Garcia/Terrell Owens/Garrison Hearst Triple Threads /100

    And now...DRUMROLL PLEASE....Last pack I opened in this box...

    Anquan Boldin Jersey/Auto /550

    Definately Satisfied with this box...the Boldin was worth it.

    3rd box opened...Sweet Spot

    Patch Cards
    Carson Palmer

    Jeremy Shockey

    Tom Brady

    Clinton Portis--NFT

    Tyrone Calico Rookie Gallery Jersey /300

    and now, the best card from the box, 2nd pack I opened...

    Tyrone Calico Sweet Spot Signatures AUTO

    Not too bad on my breaks. Virtually Everything is for trade. LMK if you like anything, or just wanna chip in your 2 cents as to how my luck went today.

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    Nice Pulls! They wouldn't have been the as good if not for the Boldin Jersey Auto. What Colts RCs did you get? PLMK!

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    Nice Break!

    BTW WHats the BV on the Anquan Boldin Jersey/Auto /550?

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    Colts RCs...

    Sweet Spot Brad Pyatt /1500 BV 6
    Leaf R&S Cato June bv 3
    Leaf R&S Donald Strickland bv 2

    Thats all the colts...

    And Fairbc...the boldin Books $100

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    I am interested in the Brad Pyatt. Are you only looking for Clinton Portis? If you are looking for anyone else PLMK and Ill check to see what I have, since I currently don't have any Portis. Thanks!

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    Very nice card Portis, I'd love to have it. I dont think I'd have anything you would like for it though.

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    nice breaks grant.. definetly got at least ur moneys back from that romp of boxes


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    Keyshawn Johnson/Drew Bledsoe Sweet Selections Dual jerseys /325
    Hidden Content

    I collect Penn state players (college uniform only). May consider Tampa Bay Bucs,certain Hall of Famers and vintage.

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    what #'d RC did you get in the Sweet Spot box. I need some..


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