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Thread: If I put these on Ebay...

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    If I put these on Ebay...

    I have some cards that I would like to put on ebay, but am not sure about because my rating on ebay is only 1, since Im new to ebay. I was wondering if I listed the following on ebay, would any of you bid on them?

    2004 Topps Team Topps Boog Powell AUTO
    2004 Topps All-Star Stiches Hank Blalock GU Jsy
    2004 Fleer Tradition Stand Outs Jsy Miguel Cabrera GU Jsy
    Plus some other random lots.

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    Im sure some people will bid on them. A good way to insure some more confidence in your feedback is to tell about your feedback here and any other trading site...

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    I wouldn't bid but that's because I try to keep my Ebay purchases down to what I really need for my personal collection.
    I would be interested in trading for these, however:
    2004 Topps All-Star Stiches Hank Blalock GU Jsy
    2004 Topps World Series Highlights #WS-BR Brooks Robinson

    I will confirm later tonight but I know I have some of the 04 Donruss you need, including some SPs. Off the top of my head I know I have #'s 3, 25, 46, 380, 381, 390 of the SPs.
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    TheBurn- Thanks for the advice, Ill do that when I list the cards.

    Patrick4- LMK what 04 Donruss cards you have and we can work out a trade.

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    well, normally i wouldnt bid becuz last time i bid the guy had a 100% feedback ( with only 2 positives) and i was stupid andbought a pujols auto from him...and now hes disappeared...knowing that u were a member here id feel more comfortable

    so def mention the sites u have feedback on

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    How much would you sell the Cabrera GU for? I am very interested in it. PLMK.


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    I would definetly bid on some of those if the price was right.

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