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Thread: Florida Out!

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    This is good :D I picked them in the SCF bracket contest...... I was also rooting for them because my teacher graduated from there and I made some bet with my friends. I think they deserved it the way Florda has been playing....

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    doesn't even sound like it was a game. FLorida was dominated.

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    Was this really even an upset?? Florida stunk it up this year, and I, along with many others, had a feeling they would lose early.

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    Florida was an extremely weak #5. Manhattan was a great #12. I picked the Jaspers to win and I wasn't surprised to see them win by 15. Bobby Gonzales is a good and underrated coach, Luis Flores is a future NBAer.

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    Well, I picked Michigan state to beat Nevada and then beat Gonzaga. Wrong team right thought.

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