We had such a great response we have decided to extend it and add things too it. 10 cards for only 1.00 and sase with a book value of at least 5.00 or more.

You will get a random selection among these stars,

sapp,favre,rice,aikman,emmitt smith,marino,elway,sanders, and more

shaq,garnett,iverson,maurbury,jordan,rahim,camby,k idd,webber,spreewell,ray allen,gary payton , karl malone and more

Bonds, a-rod,jeter, ripken,griffey jr, nomar,chipper,andruw jones, sosa,mcgwire,randy johnson, ramierz, and more

Each lot will contain a very good selection first come first served.
we only have 5000 more cards available for this offer. You will be satisfy .

Send 1.00 and sase to
Kens marketplace
Kenneth Watkins
510 Park ave East
Mansfield, Ohio 44905

make checks or money orders payable to Kenneth Watkins

Wealso have 10 commons for 1.00 too different years.