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    Sosa Inserts and Parallel for Trade

    I have the following Sosa Inserts for trade:

    2001 Fleer Tradition Diamond Tributes #DT21
    2003 Topps Recordbreakers #RB-SS
    2000 Fleer Ultra Diamond Mine #DM13
    2000 HoloGrFX Longball Legacy #LL12
    2001 Stadium Club Stadium Shots #ss1
    1999 HoloGrFX Launchers #L3
    2002 Fleer Ultra Decade of Dominance #dd3
    2000 UD Homerun Explosion #HR7
    2001 UD E-card #e9
    2001 UD Big League Beat #BB7
    1999 UD Texbook Excellence #t10
    2000 Skybox Double Play w/ Frank Thomas #dP9
    2003 Topps All Stars #TAS12
    2003 Topps Hit Parade #HP16

    I have the following Sosa parallel for trade:
    1999 HoloGrFX AuSome #14

    If anyone is interested Let me know

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    I need several of those Sosa inserts.

    Who are you looking for in return?

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    I am looking for cards of:
    Mark Prior
    Albert Pujols
    Andy Marte
    Zach Minor
    Scott Thorman
    Rocco Baldelli

    and I am always looking for 03 Topps Retired Autos
    along with autos of solid players.

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