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Thread: 04 UD Diamond Collection FT.

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    04 UD Diamond Collection FT.

    Just opened a box and all for trade. Plenty of base a few Silver Honors parallel and a Roy Halladay"Future Gems" GU jersey #FG-RH. Looking for players in my signature. Thanks.....Dan

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    Did you get any Brett Myers, Chase Utley, Mark Teixeira or Barry Zito?

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    myers39....Zito #62,Teixeira #86,Diamond Collection All Star Lineup Teixeria #AS-MT. I have know idea what the All Star Lineup are but they are part of the set. I looked them up on UD site. LMK and thanks....Dan
    P.S. Get the Zito auto yet? I haven't checked the mail yet today but nothing here yet.
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    The Zito should come today, I will let you know......Could you add those 3 cards to the pile of 04 fleer platinum cards your holding for me?

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    I can do that. There were 25 Platinum wasn't there? I have a pile on my desk and forgot to mark them but I think these were for you. I'll go over them with you before we trade.....Dan

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    Dunn-would you trade the Halladay for inserts of players in your sig?

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    Dan, these were the platinum numbers, 17,18,37,45,54,61,62,72,78,79,96,108,113,123,130,1
    35,146,149,158,164,174,179,183,186 and 200.

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    Any D-backs, especially the rookies. Specifically, Brandon Medders.

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    dannyboy19...I probably would but it have to be in my favor,trading GU for inserts. LMK what you have. Thanks....Dan

    myers39...Yep those are the ones. LMK asnd thanks....Dan

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    Hey I have a 2003 Playoff Piece of the game Dunn Jersey /150 (with stripe) that id trade for your Halladay :) Would you happen to have a scan of the Halladay? PLMK What you think.

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