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Thread: Worst team - NBA Finals??

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    Worst team - NBA Finals??

    After watching Games 2, 3, 4, and now 5...I'd have to say that the Nets are the SORRIEST team I've ever seen in an NBA Finals

    Lost 4-0 to Lakers last year

    Now, the Spurs have been missing left and right; and the Nets can't even buy a bucket. Spurs shot 28% in game 4, and still lost by ONE point, on the road!

    Not just 1 game....but pretty much EVERY game in the NBA Finals, the Nets are just showing how lousy a team they really are.

    What's the WORST team you've ever seen in an NBA Finals

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    That I've personally seen? I've only really started following NBA recently so I'll stick with the Nets because other than Tumbo & Van Horn, they're the same team now like the team last year that sucked. J-Kidd = OVER-RATED!

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    JKidd overrated? You are high man. They sucked without him, even in the East. He comes to the team and they double their wins. Granted they haven't won the Finals yet, but they are still representing. They won two games so far. Give it time. They are by no means a sorry team.

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    I do agree Jason Kidd is over-rated.

    He's got great court vision
    He's a great passer
    He's a great free throw shooter

    but that's it.

    The NEts needed him to score in this series, and he's just throwing up bricks...enough to build a mansion for his wife.

    Let's be serious here, Jason Kidd is like John Stockton -- both are great players, with the knowledge to play the game at an All-star level.

    But neither of these are Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, or Oscar Robertson.

    Next year, with a new 100M contract, Kidd will be the next Shawn "I eat at Krispy Kremes" Kemp -- over-rated, over-paid, and just plain bad.

    The Nets would be winning this series if they, and specifically Jason Kidd, could shoot and score.

    They're getting wide open shots, and missing like I would be if I were playing in the NBA today

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    as good as the Spurs may or may not be, the Nets showed tonight just what a sorry pathetic team they are

    up by 12, then Spurs went on 19-0 lead

    these past 2 finals show just how valuable Jason Kidd really is

    And he sucks big time

    Yes, he has great court vision
    Yes, he's a great passer

    but this guy, like John Stockton, like Karl Malone, Charles Barkeley, are nowhere on the level of Bird, Magic, Jordan, Ducan, Shaq, Kobe.

    And to think Kidd will be making a ridiculous $100M starting next year (by whichever team signs him)


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    Originally posted by podstock
    I do agree Jason Kidd is over-rated.
    At doing the actual point guard duties, he's one of the best in the league, but over all, he's not that great of a pro basketball player.

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    If by over-rated you mean AMAZING! then yes you are right!!

    jason kidd a GREAT player. i cant believe you guys say hes over-rated. shame on you. shame on you!

    .....everyones entitled to their opinions though

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    JOOC Skyracer, would you take Kidd over Allen Iverson?

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    You guys are all stupid (Well, not really, I just don't like your IF he is as bad as you say he is, how come when he came to the worst team in the league, the doubled their wins and got to the Finals? Even though they are still in the weaker conference, who among the players you have names has done that?
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    If he's as great as you said he is, how come he didn't lead Phoenix or Dallas to the Finals?

    I'm sure Byron Scott, and, and Kenyon Martin, and Richard Jefferson helped out as well.

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