One time offer before I sell it on ebay.
1998 Playoff Contenders Red Ticket #5 Priest Holmes graded PSA 10 Gem Mint !!!!
This is an unquestionable 1/1 graded rookie of s sure hall of famer.

I have downloaded the population reports for PSA, BGS and SGC (the only 3 recognized graders). Keep in mind that the Red Ticket is inserted at a (1:9) ratio for rookies. That means for every 9 regular rookie tickets they have there is only 1 Red Ticket produced.

PSA has only graded this card a 10. They have only graded 1 at Mint 9. They have graded 2 regular tickets at Gem Mint 10 and both sold on ebay for $350+.

BGS does not have a Red Ticket graded higher than Mint 9 (they have 2 at that level). No 9.5's or 10's. They have only graded 1 regular ticket at Gem Mint 9.5. Just one. Likewise it sold for close to $400.

SGC has never graded a regular ticket higher than NM-MT at SGC 92 and has never graded a Red Ticket.

Consider that rookies graded Gem Mint rookies of players like Walter Payton, Dan Marino, John Elway, Joe Montana, Michael Vick, etc. can sell for around $1000 on ebay and they have populations in the 20's that grade Gem Mint 10.

Scans available if requested.

I am looking for a combination of Paypal funds and high, high end trade cards. I will consider all offers for 24 hours and decide whether it trades or it sells on ebay.

PM me if interested.