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    I would like to apoligize to any people that I may have offended. I just signed up recently and for my signature I put a quote from Stifler in the movie American Pie 2 "Brilliant You Found Lesbians" By putting this I did not intend to make fun of or hurt gay people or anyone else who may of found it offensive. At the request of the boards moderator I have changed my signature. Once again I apoligize and thank you for your time.

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    Takes a man to admit he did something wrong... good of you to post an apology... I'm sure those that may have been offended appreciate it. I know I didn't appreciate a certain slur I saw posted degrading my religion on this site, and it was promptly removed upon complaint.

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    Hey man...everyone makes mistakes. But it takes a real man/woman, to make up/be sorry for their mistakes.

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    studin -- that is very ADMIRABLE to put the apology public.

    Nice job. and very RESPECTABLE!!

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    got my respect, not many would have taken the time to post.

    I'm currently looking through my posts, as it seems my younger brother has visited SCF, logged in under my name. Not that he's rude or anything. I just want to make sure nothing was posted against my views! So far so good, and no PM's or warnings.

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    lol, you have one of those too huh....people think I can be controversial sometimes, they should talk to my young black republican brother... you should have heard the arguement tonight during the nba game...

    I always just end up calling him a young clarence thomas and he gets so mad and leaves...

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