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Thread: 15 card Lot of 2002 ROOKIES!!

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    15 card Lot of 2002 ROOKIES!!

    You are bidding on 15 cards of 2002 rookies, bidding starts at 100cc.
    Auction ends Monday 3/22/04 at 9:00pm.


    2002 ROOKIES
    cliff russell/ upperdeck mvp
    dusty gonner/upperdeck mvp
    ennis haywood/pacific
    atrews bell/upperdeck
    mike rumph/upperdeck
    will overstreet/pacific
    ricky williams/pacific
    antwaan randle el/pacific
    josh scobey/pacific
    james mungro/pacific
    william green/pacific
    robert thomas/pacific
    kelly campbell/topps
    ryan denny/topps
    brandon doman/pacific

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    different brands, upperdeck mvp, pacific adrenaline, upperdeck, and topps.


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