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Thread: Autos

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    Hey i am looking to buy autos. Let me know what you have and I will make offers?

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    2004 Diamond Kings Recollection Collection Gary Sheffield Auto #d/25

    Make me an offer...

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    hey i dont have that much i mean if you would take $25 for it i would do it but i dont think you would

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    No thanks....Someone is already offering me $45...just seeing if I can get a little more for it.

    Thanks anyways.

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    LMK if you like any of these.

    03 UD Game Face Jason Giambi Auto
    01 Donruss Signature Pedro Feliz Auto/330
    01 Donruss Class of '01 Jason Jennings Auto/250
    99 Just Mark Mulder Auto
    02 Donruss "The Rookies" Reed Johnson Auto/100
    02 Studio Wilson Valdez Auto/200
    03 Finest Brian Burgamy Auto
    02 Donruss Best of Fan Club Orlando Hudson Auto
    03 Leaf Certified Matt Kata Auto/400
    03 Donruss Team Heroes Chris Baker Auto
    02 Donruss Crusade Jack Cust Auto
    00 UD Scott Rolen Auto JSY
    03 Donruss Champions Ben Howard Auto/500
    02 Donruss Best of Fan Club Jeff Deardorff Auto
    01 Topps Heritage Jose Vidro Auto
    98 Donruss Signature Preston Wilson Autograph
    99 Just Black Bobby Hill Black AU/50
    01 Leaf Limited Juan Uribe RC Autograph 295/1000

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    tanner - did you get the graman auto yet? if you did leave me feedback. since you never answer any pm's

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