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Thread: torn jersey card

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    torn jersey card

    I opened a pack of 2004 fleer platinum baseball yesterday and pulled a Jim Thome jersey card. I looked at the piece of the jersey and saw that it was torn. Should I send it back or do you think it would be more valuable torn?

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    id send it back..but thats just me. If its a significant tear then they'll most likely replace it. If not, then dont bother sending it in. It is not more valuable torn, unless there is a whole game used set featuring torn pieces. It should take 4-8 weeks for a return

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    its def not worth more torn....but if its worth it to u to send it in to get it fixed...get it fixed lol

    i got a box of sweet spot (upper deck)- and my auto and patch was damaged- i decided to send it in- it has been at least 2 1/2 months and still havent gotten them back

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