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    i tryed this once and i got some great cards but i didnt finish my list i need the rest of these so if you can help. ill be greatly thankful.
    i dont have much to offer but ill trade what i can if your looking for inserts just lmk if your looking for gu check my site. i have baseball football and not buying unless you give me such a good price i justa can hold back.... and when i say a good price i mean you'r selling me 10 cards with a bv of 80-90 bucks altogether for 11 bucks dldv. but im always opend to anything. lmk what you have.

    im also looking for one of these

    fleer tradtion trio james/ carmello/ darko


    lebron james have topps & mvp

    carmelo have topps ,mvp & victory

    d . wade have topps ,mvp , victory ,bazooka

    chris bosh have topps ,mvp , victory ,fleer

    kirk hinrich have topps ,mvp , victory ,fleer

    mike dunleavy

    jay williams

    jason richerdson

    kwame brown

    eddy curry

    pau gasol

    tyson chandler

    richerd jefferson*

    tony parker*

    eddie house

    mike miller

    kenyon martin*

    baron davis

    jason williams

    dirk nowitzki**

    vince carter---have one wouldnt mind having anothere

    jermain oneal---have one wouldnt mind having anothere

    micheal finley ---have one wouldnt mind having anothere

    chris webber*

    sam cassell


    spud webb *

    kevin johnson*
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    I am trying to get rid of all my bkb. Here are some I have left. lmk if interested. I am looking for what is in my signature. I will trade inserts for gu and auto of these. thanks.

    Shane Battier

    01-02 UD Flight Team Rookie Air Team RC #129 PSA MT9 bv $25
    02-03 Fleer Genuine On the Up #2 Mt bv $10
    03-04 SP Game Used Jersey #44 Mt bv $12
    03-04 Upper Deck Glass Game Gear #SB-GG Mt bv $15

    Jason Williams

    00-01 Fleer Feel the Game Shorts #37 Mt bv $12
    02-03 Fleer Tradition School Ties Shorts Miller/Williams Mt bv $15

    Mike Miller

    02-03 Upper Deck Hard Court Game Floor #MM-F Mt bv $12

    Pau Gasol

    02-03 Upper Deck RC #306 Mt bv $4

    Bonzi Wells

    02-03 Topps Jersey Edition Refractor Mt bv $?

    Lorenzen Wright

    98-99 Skybox Autographics #139 Mt bv $5

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    i dont have much to trade but ill trade what i have!

    BigEd60- i like alot of them but i dont have any thing from your want list exept for maybe some iserts and base. i do have some football and baseball gu use and autos on my site lmk if we can work somthing out.

    papi23g- i liked these lmk what you need
    98-99 Topps Dirk Nowitzki RC
    98-99 Ultra Michael Olowokandi RC

    MikeY11- the only one i need from your list is the nba hoops shawn kemp. would you do cc's for it?

    Q.Richardson03- i like these..lmk if you see somthing on my site you might like or if maybe you want somthing elese.
    90/91 Hoops Shawn Kemp RC
    94/95 Fleer Rookie Sensation P.J. Brown
    94/95 Hoops Glenn Robinson RC
    96/97 Hoops Rookies Derek Fisher
    96/97 UD3 Marcus Camby RC
    98/99 Topps Paul Pierce RC
    98/99 Topps Antawn Jamison RC
    98/99 Topps Dirk Nowitzki RC
    99/00 Skybox Premium Baron Davis RC
    01/02 Upper Deck MVP Jason Richardson RC
    01/02 Upper Deck MVP Troy Murphy RC
    02/03 Fleer Platinum Mike Dunleavy RC
    02/03 Topps Amare Stoudemire RC
    03/04 Topps Ndubi Ebi RC

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