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    I need base TMac, VC, Garnett, etc....

    I want base of:
    Jerry West (will trade in your favor)
    Dr J (your favor)

    I will trade inserts or possibly GU for these players. Also interested in any inserts

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    Carter 3 Base & 18 Inserts
    KG 5 Base & 12 Inserts
    Jordan 3 Base & 3 Inserts

    Looking for Kobe and Iverson Base & Inserts


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    I need your szczerbiak locker room auto....

    If you'll take base you need ill give you a bunch...

    or I can trade you a gu or autos.

    Whats the BV? $10 $15?

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    paul-Im not looking to trade autos for base, the Wally I actually pulled so its harder to get then if I had bought it. I will look at your page and let you know.

    Papi-I posted on your cc post looking for Hardaway. Which base could you trade me for the $10 BV of Hardaways? Please let me know

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    cardbuyer66- i am not looking for hardaway cards i was going to sell some to BEUJOE but he couldn't buy at this time, sorry about the confusion

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