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Thread: Question about card trading?

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    Question about card trading?

    I recently made 2 trades with other members. I did not post them in the card trading area. Both trades went very well. One of the members even sent at the same time even tho I hadn't made any trades! Who should put the posting up if any? We worked the trades out thru pm and didn"t have a problem. Should you put every trade in that area?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi. Glad to hear your trades went well.
    The strategy I use now is that I post all trades in the Trades In Progress forum unless I have traded with them before. It is harder for the Mods to track what's going on if the trade happens through PM.
    For first trades, I will not send if the person has not confirmed the trade in that forum. 99+% people here are very honest and respect the hobby and their reputation so they do not wish anything to go wrong, especially not publicly.
    As for who posts the trade, it's really up to you and the person you are trading with. I do not believe there is any unspoken rule on that one.

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