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Thread: UD rookie exclusives

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    UD rookie exclusives

    I bought a small box of rookie exclusives today and didn't get much exciting...dunno why i bought the box since i don't really collect a melo, and lebron base cards along with many other basecards...if anyone needs them lmk

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    box was 19.99 for a small i think 8 or 9 packs.....

    i dunno bv on any of these but i am mainly looking for baseball and some football (mainly vick)

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    The melo would be right up my alley and would help you get that 'Canes lot I've been holding for you - lmk
    Needs: Brewers Pitcher Mark Rogers '04 pick
    Red Sox - HOF & Current Players
    Current Patriots Cards
    Larry Bird, Carmelo/Lebron/Wade RC's

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    matt - sorry i haven't gotten back to ya yet, but its spring break and when you live in florida people come flocking to ya! i'll finish looking for the cards for you soon!

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    i need the lebron and i also need this '03-'04 UD Victory LeBron James. i know we were trying to work out a deal . but i dont remember wat happend . lmk if theres any way to work somthing out for these 2.lmk

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