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Thread: AUTOS and more for SALE/TRADE

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    AUTOS and more for SALE/TRADE

    I am looking for Kevin Garnett Autographs. Here is what I have to offer. Sale Price is next to card

    Raef LaFrentz skybox rookie autographics $12
    03-04 elton brand bowman R&S Auto $10
    97-98 Ron Mercer skybox Rookie Autograph (x2) $7 each
    03-04 Carmelo Anthony Pristine Rookie AUTO $100
    03-04 Dwyane Wade HHP Rookie 3-Color PATCH/AUTO #/400 $65
    03-04 Kevin Garnett Pristine GOLD Refractor #/99 $13

    lmk if you have a garnett to offer or interested in buying
    thanks, Jeff

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    i don't have any garnett autos, but i have GU, will you trade your autographs for my GU?

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