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    I am probably the biggest Chris Kaman collector on this site I am looking for all of his cards especially cheap base. Let me hear EVERYTHING you have I prefer to buy for really cheap or in some cases I will trade. THANKS!!!

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    I have a topps kaman rc bv $2.50. lmk what else do u need.

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    abe- what are you looking for

    mike- check my post on your I need help thread, maybe you can include that card with our possible deal.

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    I have a 03-04 Bowman Kaman Rc.

    Looking to sell all of my Basketball on my WWW.

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    gold bowman signature 35/99 his jersey number 1/1
    bowman signature base card

    heres a picture

    im new to but i am very legit, i am alfstar33 on ebay, 199 positive feedbacks... let me know

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    cardstar- I need them both, what do you want?

    papi- need it is it topps or bowman I'll give you:
    03-04 Hoops Hot Pros. Duncan
    03-04 Hoops Hot Pros. Parker
    03-04 Honor Roll Parker
    03-04 Tradition Ginobli
    03-04 Hot Shots Steve Smith All Stars

    sealed- I'll buy it but for very very cheap lmk

    abe- I'll give you a Bowman Gold Bosh but you will have to throw in like $1 Paypal because it obviously has a higher BV

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    will you trade the Kaman for both the comics?
    your askin for 200cc which is really like $2 and the Kaman is 2.50 i think

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