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    Hey everyone,
    I am no looking for Todd Helton Game Used or Autos. If you have any PLMK. Check out my site.
    Of course I'm still looking for ANY Pujols cards, Even commons, so PLMK if you have any of these two players.

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    I have this for trade.
    Todd Helton
    2001 Upper Deck All-Star Homerun Derby jersey card# AS-TH

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    I dont know what gu you have that book the same. do any of the griffey or gwynn gu book the same
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    I could trade you a 2001 Topps American Pie JFK Berlin Wall BV-$20 PLMK. If not just look at my site and let me know what you are intersted in if anything.

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    dunno if you'd consider it gu or not but i pulled a gameface card of ishii/helton, the laces of the baseballs feel real but i'm not sure.....think its a lithograph....sweet card...dunno th bv though, don't thikn its listed yet

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    I dont think those are game used. Nice card but sorry I'm not intersted. Thanks anyways. Do you have ANY Pujols cards? PLMK
    Anyone else.

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    I have a Todd Helton 2001 E-X Behind the Numbers Game Jersey...BV is $15...are you interested...

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